Lexmark XM3150 User Manual and Troubleshooting

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The Lexmark XM3150 User Manual and troubleshooting is documents to help you and explains details about how to use Lexmark printer and how to resolve problems that may occur while printing. The topics include Learning about the printer, Understanding the printer control panel, Setting up and using the home screen applications, Additional printer setup, Loading paper and specialty media, Paper and specialty media guide, Paper and specialty media guide, Printing, Copying, E-mailing, Faxing, Scanning, Understanding the printer menus, Securing the printer, Maintaining the printer, Managing the printer, Clearing jams, Troubleshooting and more information

If you are looking printer software, use this option to download drivers and apps recommended by Lexmark updates for Lexmark XM3150 driver with the latest version to get product enhancements, bug fixes and new features.


Before downloading the Lexmark XM3150 User Manual, to setup and installation we recommended your PC must have one of the following operating systems. Windows 10 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server or Windows Server and make sure you have PDF viewer application and use the most current version of the PDF reader for viewing these PDF user manual guide documentation.

The Content in Lexmark XM3150 User Manual

This user guide manual documentation  contains topics to commonly performed tasks, such as resolve print issues (Windows), resolve print issues (OS X), improve print quality (Windows) and improve print quality (OS X).


Configuration change, some held jobs were not restored

  1. Held jobs are invalidated because of the following possible changes in the printer
  2. The printer firmware has been updated.
  3. The tray for the print job has been removed.
  4. The print job is sent from a flash drive that is no longer attached to the USB port.
  5. The printer hard disk contains print jobs that were stored when the hard disk was installed in a different printer model.From the printer control panel, touch Continue to clear the message.

Change paper source to custom string load orientation

  1. Load the correct size and type of paper in the tray or feeder, specify the paper size and type in the Paper menu on the control panel, and then touch Finished changing paper.
  2. To u c h Use current paper source to use the available paper size and type in the tray.
  3. Cancel the print job.

Lexmark XM3150 User Manual Download

Follow the user guide documentation instructions on the links below for installing and setup guide to help resolve and troubleshooting all kind of errors. If this Lexmark XM3150 User Manual Pdf guide download error persists, you should contact the support center

File NameSizeDownload
User’s Guide10.8 MB
Universal Print Drivers Guide0.72 MB
Linux Print Drivers Guide0.37 MB
Copy Guide0.72 MB
Fax Guide0.72 MB
E-mail Guide0.88 MB
FTP Guide0.86 MB

If the above links found as broken links please visit directly to Lexmark Support & Download.

This User’s Guide on Lexmark XM3150 User Manual provides general and specific information on using the printer models that are listed on the cover page contain information applicable to all printer models such as Safety information, Selecting a location for the printer, Additional printer setup, Paper and specialty media guide, Understanding printer menus, Saving money and the environment, Maintaining the printer, Clearing jams, and Troubleshooting

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